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History Essay - Joseph Wallace Hist 17B Professor Majewski...

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Joseph Wallace Hist 17B Professor Majewski 2/1/11 The Development of a Nation During the 1840’s, the United States experienced a critical shift in the development of their nation. The Market Revolution was in full swing and a shift in lifestyle was happening all around. The revolution sparked an enormous increase in the transportation system in America. Railroads were being built and the creation of canals allowed for cheaper transportation of goods. In a sense, the United States was getting smaller. People could travel from city to city much quicker and businesses were able to connect with people they might otherwise not have been able to. During this time period there was a massive shift in the population of up and coming cities where opportunities were becoming more tangible. People were leaving rural towns and heading for urban life seeking a lifestyle change. The United States was also in a flux politically. With this new ability to expand their boarders and take up their dream of manifest destiny, Americans were faced with the ever-important question of slavery. Would it continue to exist, and if so where? The issue of slavery was at the forefront of American politics and during this time period the movement to abolish slavery was gaining popularity. There were many figures that led the way in speaking out against the highly controversial issue of peculiar institution. Needless to say this time of change in America brought about many new ideas and practices that were cause of controversy in this changing nation.
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One of those ideas in particular, was the practice of domestic ideology. This was an up and coming idea that focused on women and their roll in society. Domestic ideology was an initiative that aimed to keep women inside and in charge of the household. Men would go into the public sphere to make a living for the family, while women would stay in the home taking care of the children and making sure the living situation was organized and taken care of. Women were also responsible for the education of their children on proper republican values and to act as a moral counterpart to their husband. As the United States was facing this period of change and expansion, this was an ideology that forced women into positions of power within the household, with no opportunity to move outside of it. Abolitionists during this time period, such as
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History Essay - Joseph Wallace Hist 17B Professor Majewski...

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