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Macro - 2 The average number of initial applications for...

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Joe Wallace Econ 103 Professor Brown Homework U.S. Composite index of leading economic indicators 1. The value last month in December was 136.5 The trend lately is down; the number has decreased four out of the last six months. 2. It is known as a “leading” index because it is an index that is used to estimate future economic activity. It is not always accurate, however many assumptions are based off of leading indicators. 3. The composite index is made up of 10 different components. 1. The average weekly hours worked by manufacturing workers
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The average number of initial applications for unemployment insurance 3. The amount of manufacturer’s new orders for consumer goods and materials 4. The speed of delivery of new merchandise to vendors from suppliers 5. The amount of new orders for capital goods unrelated to defense 6. The amount of new building permits for residential buildings 7. The S&P 500 stock index 8. The inflation-adjusted monetary supply (M2) 9. The spread between long and short interest rates 10. Consumer sentiment...
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