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Math Essay - Joseph Wallace Math 34B Professor Nowlin...

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Math 34B Professor Nowlin 11/29/10 Math and My Future Although it sounds contradictory, we use math every day without "knowing" it. What time do I have to leave my apartment to make it to class on time? Which brand of cereal is cheaper on a per ounce basis? Does the car have enough gas in the tank to get me home or will I have to stop along the way? These quick mental calculations constantly aid our decision-making process at all times. Beyond such personal matters, however, many people utilize math explicitly in their fields of study. While my planned course of study is still a bit fluid and I intend to get a broad-based education at UCSB, I currently plan to concentrate my studies in Economics and Sociology. While Sociology is not as rooted in mathematics as Economics is, both rely upon math in several ways and even utilize some of the concepts we've learned in Math 34B. At the moment, my intended fields of study are Sociology and Economics. Technically I am a Sociology Major, but I am also very interested in Economics and have taken a variety of econ classes. Looking beyond my years in college, I think Sociology will help me relate to and better understand all different types of people while Economics will improve my analytical skill set. That being said, I
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Math Essay - Joseph Wallace Math 34B Professor Nowlin...

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