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Joe Wallace English 102 Professor Walker Op-Ed America’s Modified Past Time In the past decade it has become quite clear that our global economy is changing very rapidly. Corporations across the United States have begun to control the way things are done in our country. Much debate has recently surfaced about the decisions by many of the large American corporations to move many of their factories overseas due to the cheap labor they are able to utilize in other countries. Americans are up in arms about the loss of American jobs to people from other countries and most feel that this is very unfair. This being the case, it is clear that in the past few years, Major League Baseball has begun to increase the amount of foreign players in the league. Baseball has officially gone global and is scouting for players in all corners of the world. For years, officials in Major League Baseball have had a strong hold on the Dominican Republic and many other countries where baseball thrives. Throughout Major League Baseball organizations, players from different countries all around the world are working their way through the minor league systems up to the “Big Leagues”. According to Major League Baseball, it is estimated that 27.4 percent of Major League Baseball players on active rosters in 2006 were foreign born, the highest in baseball history. Although there are only a fixed amount of positions on Major League rosters, as opposed to the rest of the U.S. economy, you never hear anyone complain that immigrants are taking away jobs from American baseball players. There has been such a focus on foreign prospects and the recruitment of foreign players that the American baseball player has been effectively pushed aside.
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Op-Ed - Joe Wallace English 102 Professor Walker Op-Ed...

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