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Progessivism - Many women also took up the fight for...

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Joseph Wallace Hist 202 Professor Kornblau 3/28/10 Progressivism; “A Menu of Reform” The Progressive era took hold as a result of the tough times people were experiencing due to the change that occurred during the industrial revolution. The rich were getting richer and the poor were staying poor. People began to demand equality in society. People came together to stand up for their freedoms and what they believed in during this time. The progressive era was said to be “in between socialism and Laissez- faire”. Change began with women like Jane Addams who started her Hull House in 1881 in Chicago. This house was the first of its kind as it took in people of all age and gender. It was a place of teaching and had many other activities that most under privileged people could not take part in on their own. Also women began to take hold in the workplace. They were educators and also businesswomen in the large cities.
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Unformatted text preview: Many women also took up the fight for prohibition. Many men were abusing alcohol and women wanted to put a stop to it and succeeded. Women also earned the right to vote during this time. This was a very violent time period in the United States. People were standing up for themselves and some did not like this. Blacks saw many hate crimes against themselves, but it brought them closer in a sense as they worked toward equality. The Industrial Workers of the World or IWW came about during this time, which was a union for any kind of worker. They were thought to be anarchists and usually took part in many strikes and uprisings in the workplace. This time period was one of great change especially in the mindset of many Americans. People really began to take hold of their own lives and trying to change the situations around them....
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