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Reading Response #1

Reading Response #1 - Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Professor...

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Wallace 1 Joe Wallace Professor Garfinkle English 110 1 September 2009 Hardly a Man In the shot story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” written by Richard Wright, There are many Things that stand out at you before you get past the first page. Immediately, Dave, a seventeen-year-old boy walking home through the fields talking to himself in his southern dialect, puts us in a certain place. A plantation somewhere in the South, past the point of slavery yet still struggling with segregation and lack of social development is where Dave works. Wrights use of language makes the story much more realistic and apart of the time period it is set. Dave works in the field on “Mistah” Hawkins’ land for a small amount of money, which is given directly to his parents. Dave’s main focus throughout the story is to purchase a gun because he is almost a man and is convinced the people around his workplace will respect him more if he carries a gun. Not only is Dave treated unequal at work; his parents at home also repress him. Not allowed to make his own decisions or look after his own money. He is treated as if he is a twelve year old with no responsibilities. After work one day, Dave convinces his mom
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