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Joe Wallace English 103 4/10/08 Professor Walker Research Paper Going International On April 15, 1947, America was profoundly changed forever by the actions of two men. Branch Rickey, the vice president for the Brooklyn Dodgers at the time, had signed Jackie Robinson to a baseball contract a few years prior and on that date, Jackie made his Major League Baseball debut. The first African American Major League baseball player led the way for social change and carried the weight of millions on his shoulders. Branch Rickey single-handedly changed the social structure of baseball and sports in general by allowing Jackie Robinson to play for his organization. In a speech given by Branch Rickey for the “One Hundred Percent Wrong Club” in Atlanta Georgia, he discussed the key factors that allowed Robinson to survive in the harsh Major League Baseball community, but most importantly, the type of player he was so desperate to find that would ultimately break the color barrier. The African American athlete he needed, as explained in the speech, had to be “A man of exceptional courage, and exceptional intelligence, a man of basically fine character, and he can thank his forbearers for a lot of it” (Rickey). Jackie Robinson was Branch Rickey’s man, and from that point forward, Robinson carried the weight of not only every African American, but also every minority living in America fighting for equality. Back then, almost everything in America was segregated, and the controversy over the integration of baseball caused uproar across the United States. Times have improved substantially within the arena of baseball as well as in society in general from those times of intentional racism. One thing that Jackie Robinson allowed to happen was the
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incorporation of different cultures and peoples into a select league that had only seen the color of white. After his inaugural season, the floodgates were pushed wide open for anyone to join him in the struggle to bring greater equality to baseball. An abundance of colored players from many cultural backgrounds began to appear in the major leagues now that it was socially “acceptable”. The Major League we see today is the complete opposite of the league the existed during the early and mid 1900’s. There are several elements that were completely absent from the game back then that makes today’s baseball so complex. The World is much smaller today than it was back in the times of Jackie Robinson in the sense that people can travel and communicate at such high speeds and any corner of the globe is just a quick phone call away. Information is readily available to a much greater percentage of the world population than it was back then, allowing people from any part of the world to get up-to-date news from any country. All of these factors have a definite influence on Major League Baseball and its ability to market its organization globally. With sports being such a huge part of our society and the global community, baseball
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Reasearch paper - Joe Wallace English 103 4/10/08 Professor...

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