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Reflection #2 - Joseph Wallace Soc 185C Professor Cruz...

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Joseph Wallace 10/20/10 Soc 185C Professor Cruz Reflection #2 Women have never been equal in our culture. Until very recently, women have been treated as second-class citizens in the workplace. In fact, there was almost no room for women in the workplace years ago. Women have been in charge of the home and taking care of the kids. I thought it was interesting when Karl Marx discussed the division of labor and put it “ the first form, of which lies in the family, where wife and children are slaves of the husband. This latent slavery in the family, though still very crude, is the first property…” He goes on to say that division of labor and private property are more or less the same concepts. This slavery that women experienced lasted for centuries. And although it is better in today’s society, there are still many disadvantages faced by women. Women were never allowed to own their own property. Without property there can be no production or business ventures. Stuck in the home there were no opportunities for women to get out and become independent and self- reliant. There is a stigma attached to women in our culture even today that they should
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Reflection #2 - Joseph Wallace Soc 185C Professor Cruz...

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