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Joe Wallace English 102 Professor Walker Sources Kellner, Douglas. "Sports, Media Culture, and Race--Some Reflections on Michael Jordan." Sociology of Sport Journal Vol. 131996 458-467. 01 Mar 2008 < Marshall, P. (2004, January 23). Advertising overload. CQ Researcher , 14 , 49-72. Retrieved March 3, 2008, from CQ Researcher Online, . The Article titled “Advertising overload”, deals with the issue of advertising and the amounts of money spent in order to try and persuade consumers in the market. Many companies use the television to endorse many of their products and because they know how many Americans are glued to the television set so companies are willing to spend millions of dollars just for minutes of advertising time.
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Unformatted text preview: With all new ways to communicate with people, advertising is becoming that much bigger. Media technology is growing faster every year and advertisers are using the most up to date ways to get their message out to consumers. “A major cause of the advertising boom, analysts say, is the proliferation of new media from the Internet to hundreds of channels of cable and satellite TV and radio. Increased consumer control over traditional advertising media complicates matters further.” Today’s consumer is faced with so many options when it comes to gathering information or entertaining themselves that advertisers have found numerous ways to promote their products to consumer’s worldwide. As technology grows, advertisers options seem to become limitless....
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