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Soc extra credit - Joe Wallace Soc 101 Professor Maes Extra...

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Joe Wallace Soc 101 Professor Maes Extra Credit I was definitely a little surprised by my results because I like to think that I do not have any personal bias’ against anyone and it was interesting to see my results over a test in which I had no idea how I was being judged. To me it seems like more of a reactionary test judging someone’s reflexes not ones preferences. For the most part, around 16 to 17 percent of the population that have taken all the tests I did scored the same as me. The results I got from the test varied when it came to accuracy about my preferences. I would never put to much faith into a test like this to tell me the kind of person I am. I really do not think these tests are good for judging anything because I don’t think people think about what they are doing when they take these tests and a simple mistake could happen at anytime throwing off the results. A simple miss hit of a button should not be considered a good indicator as to what someone’s preferences are.
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