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Joseph Wallace ESS 131 Professor Spaventa 1/18/11 Article Review The article I decided to focus on was one written about the upcoming playoff football game between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. The article attempted to analyze all of the trash talk that had gone on throughout prior week until the game. Diane Finley, the sports psychologist who was interested in the possible effects all the trash talk could have on the two teams and the game itself believed that the patriots would be the fan favorites for the game because fans would not want to see the Jets win after the long week of talk. Being an athlete my whole life and still here at UCSB, I loved the fact that the Jets coaching staff was not afraid to trash talk leading up to the game. That is not my particular style, however I think it says a lot in an unconventional
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Unformatted text preview: way about the confidence your coach has in his players. As a player I would want to go out and perform for my coach and back up what he had to say. Finley goes on to say that the trash talk could back fire due to the fact that it would give extra incentive to the Patriots to rally around their coach. This possibility is true, however that psychological game the Jets coaching staff was playing leading up to the game, could also work to their favor. Patriot’s players could feel added pressure as to not let down their organization by suffering a loss to a team that has disrespected them all week. It is a very interesting element in sports and it works for some and backfires for others. The Jets beat the Patriots fairly soundly on Sunday....
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