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Considering all the problems in the world, there is no predicament more overwhelming, baffling, controversial, and more needed than a US energy policy. Its complexities run the gambit from individuals recycling their garbage, using less fossil fuel, becoming locavores, to the use of nuclear power. The opinions on this matter are polarized, sometimes political, and varied to the extreme. It is certainly a worldwide problem and one, if ignored, that could lead to the extermination of the planet. On March 30, 2011, President Obama outlined his energy policy. He said that America imports eleven million barrels of oil per day and proposed that we cut this importation by one-third in the next decade. He proposed producing more oil domestically and even with the ominous, nuclear disaster in Japan, Obama stated the need for safe, nuclear facilities. He is in favor of alternative fuels and specifically mentioned wood chips, switch grass, and ethanol. Speaking to a mostly student population at Georgetown University, the president asked his audience to “dream big.” In typical Obama style, he spoke of “unbridled optimism.” The debate is ongoing. Thomas Friedman, an opinion writer for The New York Times and author of Hot, Flat, and Crowded, discussed our need for an energy policy. He writes of the obvious need for change in our country that is being thwarted by the political stalemate that is taking place in congress and the senate. The conflicting ideologies of republican and democrats are preventing our country from moving forward to a time that could one day see a sustainable way of life.
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The_United_States_Energy_Policy - Considering all the...

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