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Workshop response #4 - for in the paper so they can pick...

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Joe Wallace 11/25/07 English 101 Professor Wilson Workshop Response #4 This most recent workshop we had, as a class was much better compared to the first one we ever had. I received much more feedback on my paper and I felt I was able to help my partners more effectively with their papers. My partners were much more open with me and gave me ideas on how to improve my paper or where more explanation was needed. They also gave me examples on how to maybe going about making these improvements. I think it helps that we are all fairly comfortable with each other now and we are not afraid that someone might get mad because of some constructive criticism. Not to mention I think many of the kids in the class know what the professor is looking
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Unformatted text preview: for in the paper so they can pick out things that work and others that don’t fit. I felt I was better suited to edit my peer’s papers this time around and I was able to give them good advice on what would make their papers more effective. I think that I have learned a lot since the beginning of the year in terms of writing efficient papers and this workshop was much more comfortable for me because of that. When I sat down to revise my paper I used many of the suggestions my partners gave to me and I was very happy about the fact that they were able to give me ideas about how to improve what I had already written....
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