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ANTH101 F11 - Study Guide 1

ANTH101 F11 - Study Guide 1 - unilinear vs multilinear...

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ANTH101 F11 Test 1 Study Guide Chapter 1 myth science evolution scientific method induction deduction hypothesis theory anthropology 4 subfields of anthropology holistic Chapter 2 Bishop Ussher Carolus Linnaeus Jean Baptist de Lamarck Charles Darwin Alfred Russel Wallace catastrophism uniformitarianism creationist comparative biology taxonomy strata progressive inheritance of acquired characteristics natural selection cultural evolution
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Unformatted text preview: unilinear vs. multilinear scientific creationism intelligent design Chapter 3 Pangaea Laurasia plate tectonics primate prosimian hominid arboreal bipedal savanna Chapter 4 genetics particulate gene genotype phenotype genome mutation differential reproduction niche gene flow genetic drift gene pool founder effect gradualism oscillating selection speciation punctuated equilibrium...
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