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Maheen Hasan Midterm Exams Essay 2 Perception is the process people use in order to understand their environment, the world and life in general. The process of perception has three parts to it: selection, organization and interpretation. It is physically and mentally impossible for a person to focus on every single aspect of our environment at once such as scents, music, bright colors etc. Our brain picks one thing to analyze, this is called selection. Selection works by bringing our attention to something that stands out in our environment. For example, normally people wear black during funerals, if you see that some rebel decides to wear a bright white outfit they will stick out and your brain will notice it. Change is another thing that your mind tunes to. Rarely do people examine the furniture in their homes, however if they come home from work one day and everything is broken and spread around the house people will notice the damaged furniture. The process of selection isn't only mental but physical too. Our senses can be a vital indicator of what we will process. Some people have a particularly good sense of smell or good vision and are more likely to notice a strong odor or pay attention to a bright colored shirt. People's mentality is a common factor that influences the stimuli we process. For example, if a person is prejudices against a certain ethnic group they're more likely to notice their faults than others' even if none is worse than the other. People perceive stimuli they expect to percieve.
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This is also called the self fulfilling prophecy. Most of the time the process of selection isn't under your control but it can be if you force yourself to select a stimulus. For example, I know I have to finish this essay so I am choosing to focus on this and nothing else. After we select what stimuli we will process we mentally organize it. Without organization all of the information in our brain is a scramble. Nothing is connected thus it is harder to make sense of everything. There are 4 categories into which we can put our information in: prototypes, personal constructs, stereotypes and scripts. Prototypes are the classic examples. For example, if I said bird you would picture a small animal with wings and scrawny feet. You would not picture a penguin. Though prototypes provide us an easy way of classifying things into categories they can be misleading too. Personal Constructs are used to label people based on what or how they are. They tell us what the person is like. For example, a person can be a snob or they can be nice. Somebody might be pretty or the kid who gets all A's is smart. People use these labels to describe a person as if their characteristic defines them or that they are only what we describe them as. For example, the student who makes only A's isn't just a smart kid, they're a human being
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midterm essays - M aheen Hasan M idterm Exams Essay 2...

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