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Quiz_1_Key - I Chem 1C511 Name I E 2 Perm Quiz 1 1 Draw...

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Unformatted text preview: I Chem 1C511 Name I: E 2 Perm # Quiz 1 1. Draw Lewis structures for the following compounds. Identify the formal charges of any atoms that are not neutral. 2. What is the hybridization of carbon in CHzNz above? PM? ) if Agra/$5 ovx “Ax/(«X ow— “to" (ken-J ax OWT 3. Label the following as Covalent, Polar Covalent, or Ionic. :2 Th m a. NH3 M? b. N2 $251.3ng c. Nazo Lyn}. cl. KF Tank, 4. Circle the bond with the largest dipole moment. XE c-c C-H c-o GD N-H 5. For SF4, draw the Lewis structure and the 3D structure, give both the mo and electronic geometries, and state if the molecule is polar or non-polar. sci, F:’7M #33737 'E’ y: Ea: frf3m\ LI/jflm‘lnl )\ bl . . Mia. 3 92¢ ’4aw or 6m» 0155 :. . ,. 5.:- F: F \\\‘\ ' Olmr l. w: L— . r ...
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