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Physics 6A Ch7Worksheet

Physics 6A Ch7Worksheet - www.clas.ucsb.edu/staff/vince...

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www.clas.ucsb.edu/staff/vince Physics 6A Ch. 7 – In Class Worksheet 1) To pass a slow-moving truck, you want your 1300 kg car to speed up from 13.4 m/s to 17.9m/s in 3.0s. How much work is done on the car during this acceleration? What is the minimum power required for this pass? 2) An 82.0kg mountain climber is in the final stage of the ascent of 4301-m-high Pikes peak. What is the change in gravitational potential energy as the climber gains the last 100.0m of altitude? 3) A 1.70kg blocks slides on a horizontal, frictionless surface until it encounters a spring with a force constant of 955 N/m. The block compresses the spring by 4.60cm before turning around and sliding in the opposite direction. Find the initial speed of the block. (Ignore air resistance and any energy lost when the block initially contacts the spring)
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Unformatted text preview: www.clas.ucsb.edu/staff/vince Physics 6A Ch. 7 – In Class Worksheet (Page 2) 4) Deep in the forest, a 17.0g leaf falls from a tree and drops straight to the ground. If its initial height was 5.30m and its speed on landing was 1.3m/s, how much non-conservative work was done on the leaf? 5) When a force of 120.0N is applied to a certain spring, it causes a stretch of 2.25cm. What is the potential energy of this spring when it compressed by 3.50cm? 6) A 100kg crate is pulled along a rough level floor at constant speed by a rope inclined at an angle of 30°. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.4, find the tension in the rope and the work done by the rope’s tension when the crate moves 10m....
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Physics 6A Ch7Worksheet - www.clas.ucsb.edu/staff/vince...

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