Physics 6A Practice Final fall 2010

Physics 6A Practice Final fall 2010 - Physics 6A Practice...

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Solutions posted at 1) A helicopter traveling upwards at 121 m/s drops a package from a height of 500m above the ground. Assuming free-fall, how long does it take to hit the ground? a) 4 seconds b) 16 seconds c) 28 seconds d) 57 seconds 2) A person skateboarding with a constant speed of 3.5 m/s releases a ball from a height of 1.5m above the ground. Find the speed of the ball as it hits the ground. a) 3.5 m/s b) 5.4 m/s c) 6.5 m/s d) 8.9 m/s 3) A projectile is launched from the origin with an initial speed of 20.0m/s at an angle of 35.0° above the horizontal. Find the maximum height attained by the projectile. a) 4.2 m b) 6.7 m c) 13.7 m d) 20.4 m 4) You are standing on a scale in an elevator. When the elevator is at rest the scale reads 750 N. You press the button for the top floor and the elevator begins to accelerate upward at a constant rate. If the scale now reads 850 N what is the acceleration of the elevator? a) 1.3 m/s 2 b) 2.0 m/s 2 c) 2.6 m/s 2 d) 4.9 m/s 2 5) Two blocks are connected by a string and are pulled vertically upward by a force F = 90N applied to the upper block. Find the tension in the string connecting the two blocks. a) 1.0 N b) 9.8 N c) 20.2 N d) 30.0 N 6) A jet plane comes in for a downward dive as shown in Figure 3.39. The bottom part of the path is a quarter circle having a radius of curvature of 350m. According to medical tests, pilots lose consciousness at an acceleration of 5.5g. At what speed will the pilot black out for this dive? 7. A 1000 kg car is driven around a flat turn of radius 50 m. What is the maximum safe speed of the car if the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road is 0.75? a)
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Physics 6A Practice Final fall 2010 - Physics 6A Practice...

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