Physics 6C Ch26worksheet

Physics 6C Ch26worksheet - is illuminated with red light...

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PHYSICS 6C Ch.26 Worksheet 1) Two students in a dorm room listen to a pure tone produced by two speakers that are in phase. Both students hear a maximum sound. What is the lowest possible frequency of the sound? 2) Light from a He-Ne laser ( λ =632.8nm) strikes a pair of slits at normal incidence, forming a double-slit interference pattern on a screen located 1.40m from the slits, as shown. What is the slit separation? 3) When green light ( λ =505nm) passes through a pair of slits, the interference pattern (a) is observed. When light of a different color passes through the same pair of slits, pattern (b) is observed instead. a) Is the wavelength of the second color greater or less than 505nm? b) Find the wavelength of the second color.
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PHYSICS 6C Ch.26 Worksheet 4) An air wedge is formed by placing a human hair between two glass plates on one end, and allowing them to touch on the other end. When this wedge
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Unformatted text preview: is illuminated with red light ( λ=771nm), it is observed to have 179 dark fringes. How thick is the hair? 5) The diffraction pattern shown in the figure is produced by passing He-Ne laser light (λ=632.8nm) through a single slit and viewing the pattern on a screen 1.5m behind the slit. a) What is the width of the slit? b) If monochromatic yellow light of wavelength 591nm is used with this slit instead, will the distance in the figure be greater or less than 15.2cm? 6) White light strikes a diffraction grating with 7400 lines/cm at normal incidence. How many complete visible spectra will be formed on either side of the central maximum? (visible light has λ between 400nm and 700nm) 7) The asteroid Ida is orbited by its own small “moon” called Dactyl. If the separation between these two asteroids is 2.5km, what is the maximum distance at which the Hubble Space Telescope (aperture diameter 2.4m) can still resolve them with 550nm light?...
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Physics 6C Ch26worksheet - is illuminated with red light...

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