Physics 6C Ch27worksheet

Physics 6C Ch27worksheet - is 150m long, but yours is only...

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PHYSICS 6C Ch.27 Worksheet 1) Astronaut Benny travels to Vega, the fifth brightest star in the night sky, leaving his 35-year-old twin sister Jenny behind on Earth. Benny tavels with a speed of 0.99c, and Vega is 25.3 light-years from Earth. a) How long does the trip take from the point of view of Jenny? b) How much has Benny aged when he arrives at Vega? 2) An astronaut moving with a speed of 0.65c relative to Earth measures her heart rate to be 72 beats per minute. a) When an Earth-based observer measures the astronaut’s heart rate is the result greater than, less than, or equal to 72 bpm? b) Calculate the astronaut’s heart rate as measured on Earth. 3) The Linac portion of the Fermilab Tevatron contains a high-vacuum tube that is 64m long, through which protons travel at an average speed of 0.65c. How long is the Linac tube, as measured in the proton’s reference frame? 4) You and a friend travel through space in identical spaceships. Your friend informs you that he has made some measurements and that his ship
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Unformatted text preview: is 150m long, but yours is only 120m long. From your point of view, a) how long is your friends ship? b) how long is your ship? c) what is the speed of your friends ship relative to yours? PHYSICS 6C Ch.27 Worksheet 5) Two asteroids head straight for the Earth from the same direction. Their speeds relative to the Earth are 0.8c for #1 and 0.6c for #2. Find the speed of asteroid 1 relative to asteroid 2. 6) Two rocket ships approach Earth from opposite directions, each with a speed of 0.6c relative to Earth. What is the speed of one ship relative to the other? 7) An object has a total energy that is 4.5 times its rest energy. What is its speed? 8) Electrons are accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 276,000 Volts. Assume the rest mass of an electron is 9.11x10-31 kg. a) What is the final speed calculated classically? b) What is the final speed calculated relativistically?...
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Physics 6C Ch27worksheet - is 150m long, but yours is only...

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