L07Ach and amino acid neurotransmitters

L07Ach and amino acid neurotransmitters - receptors and...

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L07               Ach and amino acid neurotransmitters     Cholinergic=a NT that has Ach Ach comes from:  acetyl CoA (generated by creb cycle) + choline (from diet)=AcH +CoA Choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) Same as vesicular storage as dopamine or serotonin except transporter is now Ach transporter When instigating ChAT, vesicular acetylcholine transporter also made AcH critical role in vision, slowing heart rate, etc. Treatment for “nerve gas” PAM=competitive antagonist, but doesn’t cross BBB Atropine=antagonist for certain types of metabotropic AcH receptors.  Blocks AcH 
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Unformatted text preview: receptors, and dampens downstream post synaptic consequences of elevated AcH Nicotine receptors substructurally different on CNS than PNS Part B AMINO ACID NT Daydream from aprox 3-330 Caught up again on slide 37 NMDA Receptor blocked by alcohol intake…. .when withdrawal for alcoholics, way too much Ca2+ Will be on final GABA-T vigabatrin, and Tiagabine KNOW ABOUT THIS GABA-B receptor agonist= B aclofen GABA-A Receptor: M2 Domain----No need to memorize isoforms Benzodiazepines---alpha next to gamma subunit allows for signaling...
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L07Ach and amino acid neurotransmitters - receptors and...

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