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Lecture 06 Objectives

Lecture 06 Objectives - Lecture 06 Objectives 1 3...

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Lecture 06 Objectives 1.) 3 Catecholamine NT in brain: a. Dopamine=DA-------------in brain= substantia nigra parscompacta, ventral tegmental area b. Norepinephrine=NE-----in brain= locus coeruleus+caudal extension c. epinephrine a. CATECHOLAMINES HAVE CATECHOL NUCLEUS===== i. Part of sympathetic nervous system, released by adrenal glands, and are aromatic carbon structures with an ethylamine group, and synthesized from a common pathway originating from TYROSINE 2.) eating more tyrosine will not increase catecholamines because dependent upon tyrosine receptors across blood brain barrier, tyrosine does not readily cross BBB needs to be transported 2.) Tyrosine=essential amino acid needed for catecholamine synthesis a. CANNOT READILY CROSS BBB, NEEDS TO BE TRANSPORTED ACROSS , and requires tetrohydrobiopterin i. RATE LIMITING ENZYME= AMPT TH=rate limiting step of reaction, doesn’t matter upon tyrosine in diet cuz limited by receptors Phosphorylation of TH= increase catalytic activity=increase in DA,NE,and Epi Steps of catecholamine synthesis:
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1.)Tyrosine (Need tetrhydrobiopterin) (rate limiting enzyme=AMPT) 2.)Tyrosine Hydroxylase (TH) 3.) Dopa (DOPA TO DOPAMINE REQUIRES AADC)(co- factor=pyridoxal phosphate) 4.) Dopamine (DA TO NE REQUIRED DBH) (co-factor=vitc) 5.) Norepinephrine (NEto Epi required PNMT) 6.) Epinephrines 3.) Regulation of TH (increase in catalytic activity of TH= increase in all catecholamines cuz all derived from TH) a.)short term= phosphorylation at serine residues b.)long term= regulation of TH gene
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Lecture 06 Objectives - Lecture 06 Objectives 1 3...

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