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8/26/2010 1 Sleep , Salvador Dali 1 Put away your things Close your eyes 2 Review the functions of sleep What does sleep accomplish in humans and other species? Consequences of sleep deprivation What happens when we start accumulating a sleep debt? Mechanisms underlying sleep Best practices for promoting healthy sleep 3
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8/26/2010 2 Hibernation : Extended inactivity; low body temperature; little cortical activity; slow waking Torpor: Periods of inactivity, still slow wake times Sleep: Varied set of states usually involving reduced activity and restoration Reduced sleep during migration: Sparrows sleep habits change entirely for these periods Post-partum constant activity: Lasts for weeks after birth in killer whales 4 3 20 hours 0 8 hours of REM Long sleeping species also sleep more deeply How might we explain the variability? There is great variability in sleep needs across mammals, which is difficult to explain if sleep serves a universal function 5 Siegel, 2009 Reduce energy consumption (up to 25%) Reduce risk of injury Reduce predation risk Evolutionary forces act to balance costs
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16._Sleep_Slides_for_Notetaking - 8/26/2010 Sleep, Salvador...

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