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8/31/2010 1 1 Put away your things Close your eyes 2 Review emotional regulation framework Consider value of emotional regulation Explore tangible strategies for regulating negative emotions: envy, anger, fear 3
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2 Emotions are usually functional, but can become detrimental for a variety of reasons Probabilistic By Design Ancestral Mismatch Can Go Haywire Natural Selection Is Not A Benevolent Force Emotions evolved because they worked usually , not always Emotions evolved to function properly in an ancestral environment Emotional dysregulation is not uncommon (e.g. mood disorders) Emotions are not design to prioritize your subjective well-being 4 ▫ We haven’t yet encountered the trigger ▫ We lack awareness: “I’M NOT ANGRY!” We have insight or strategy for dealing with it We often think that a particular emotion is irrelevant for us…that we don’t have it. 5
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18._Emotion_Regulation_Slides_For_Notetaking - 8/31/2010 1...

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