Psych 101 lecture notes 09 07 10 The Self

Psych 101 lecture notes 09 07 10 The Self - William James...

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09/7/2010 The Self The Central Role of the Self Self- Concept Esteem Confidence Consciousness Worth *Motivation for human action results from the need to protect, improve, or gain something for one self Self Discrepancy Theory Actual Self v. Ideal Self v. Ought Self *When discrepancy between the three selves=Source of discomfort that motivates action Self-Serving Biases Better than avg. effect--People rate themselves as better than average on 38 of 40 characteristics Preferences for things related to self Self-serving attributions Attribute success to self, but failures to outside circumstances The Self=Thousands of Processes Mental V. Physical Processes Mental---sensation, perception, feeling, etc. Physical—respiration,circulation,digestion,etc.
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Unformatted text preview: William James on the Self Self as I (knower) v. Self as me (known)-genes, talents, skills, etc. Plurality of Knowers: we know things through a variety of senses which can operate independently Intermittence of Knowing: consciousness disappears in deep sleep The Self as Colony Lots of cells and cell types that work together to create the self 10-20x as many bacteria as human cells within the body Gene’s Eye View Evolution acts upon GENES NOT HUMANS EVERY SIGHT, TOUCH, SMELL, ETC. IS FROM YOUR BRAINS PERCEPTION YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THE REAL EXTERNAL WORLD, ONLY YOUR MIND’S PERCEPTION OF THE EXTERNAL WORLD THE PHYSICAL WORLD EXISTS INDEPENDENTLY OF OUR SUBJECTIVE AWARENESS...
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Psych 101 lecture notes 09 07 10 The Self - William James...

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