psych 101 lecture notes 09 08 10 final review lecture notes

psych 101 lecture notes 09 08 10 final review lecture notes...

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09/08/2010 FINAL REVIEW Light causes melatonin production to decrease- dim light initiates release REM sleep consolidates memories and you are also dreaming Stress response activated upon awakening o Both Sympathetic and Hypothalamic axis o Sympathetic nervous system acts first, then cortisol kicks in Marijuana 2 nd most addicted drug in world Caffeine is an antagonist that blocks adenosine receptors in the brain o Blocks inhibitory affect of adenosine in brain, other neurotransmitters are not inhibited anymore and become more excited o Blocks dilation of capillaries in brain, caffeine causes 25% decrease in blood flow to brain o Caffeine consumption results in adenosine receptors Stochastic-random…. . senescence-gradual breakdown Stress Response appraisal o 1.) is this a stressor? o 2.) can I handle it? Exercise after stressful events help return physiological measures to baseline
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Unformatted text preview: more quickly • HIIT (according to this class)- 8s work and 12s rest for 20 minutes • (according to this class)- only carbs after workout except fruits and veggies at all times • APOE- E4 highest risk –E2 reduced risk E3-most common variant o E4/E2 is about the same as E3/E3: 10% risk of developing disease by 85 • Many steps to get to the end goal have no adaptive value or inherent reinforcement o Ex.) take little pleasure in opening fridge and turning on stove in order to get to final goal of having a cooked meal • Mindfulness: o Non-distracted: non mind wandering o Non-conceptual: be fully present without judging or labeling and taking things as they are • Circadian rhythms regulated by photoreceptors which are sensitive to blue light, and are not associated with actual vision...
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psych 101 lecture notes 09 08 10 final review lecture notes...

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