psych 101 lecture notes 08242010 Nutrition

psych 101 lecture notes 08242010 Nutrition - Nut ri t ion...

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Unformatted text preview: 08/24/10 Nut ri t ion Type I I diabetes (begins later in life as a result of poor nut ri t ion and poor exercise habits) Insulin reduces blood sugar by driving nut rients into cells Antioxidants: substances that consume free radicals that would otherwise damage cells Phytochemicals: substances that occur in produce-not essential nut r ients but may promote health Acid/Base Balance When too much acidity in blood as a result of consuming acidic food— Blood draws base from 3 places 1. K idneys 2. Bones 3. Muscle (amino acid-glutamine) I ncrease in the hormone glucagon: opens doors of fat cells Glucagon works the opposite way of insulin, which drives nutrients into cells ...
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