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Psych 101 lecture notes 08262010 Sleep - during sleep b...

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08/26/2010 Sleep The Sleep Cycle Deep sleep—physical restoration and free radical clean up REM sleep—dreaming and MEMORY CONSOLIDATION Periodicity-may be related to monitoring environment and/or waking up Neural Mechanisms Underlying Sleep 1.) Hometostatic Sleep Drive—to obtain amount of sleep needed for stable daytime alertness a. Adenosine—accumulationof adenosine creates sleepy feeling—decline
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Unformatted text preview: during sleep b. Glucose—depletion leads to adenosine accumulation 2.) Clock-dependent Alerting Process—circadian rhythms entrained to cycles of light and dark a. Suprachiasmatic nucleus—alertness, body temp, and hormonal regulation b. Specialized photoreceptors not involved in vision c. Light reduces melatonin 3.) Interact to produce patterns of sleep and arousal...
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