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Psych 101 lecture notes 08302010 Emotion Regulation

Psych 101 lecture notes 08302010 Emotion Regulation - 4...

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08/31/2010 Emotion Regulation 5 Classes of Emotional Regulation 1.) Situation Selection –you select which environments and situations you avoid/involve 2.) Situation Modification –you select how you interact in a situation 3.) Attentional Deployment –How you direct attention regarding situation a. Problem Seeking-constantly focus on the negative
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Unformatted text preview: 4.) Cognitive Change – Reappraise situation and change thought process (1-4 is antecedent-focused) 5.) Response-focused – (Response focused) Avoidance v Letting Go Positive or negative depending upon urgency and importance of situation Envy Schadenfreude: deriving joy from other’s misfortune Ex.) Shaun Bry not making it to state...
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