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soc assignment #3

soc assignment #3 - Bryan Suarez Joe Wallace Sociology 101...

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Bryan Suarez Joe Wallace Sociology 101 Professor Maes McDonaldization of Society For decades McDonalds and various fast food chains have dominated our American culture. They have brought families together for quick, easy, and reliable meals. These companies have based their business around the fact that people in our society are attracted to a consistent menu with an unwavering degree in taste. People all around the nation see these fast food chains as a safety net. If they are in need of a quick snack or are just not in the mood to take the time to prepare their own meal, they can always fall back on a restaurant like McDonalds. It seems that in our society people are always on the go and in a constant rush and the ability to stop at a fast food restaurant helps bring order and a sense of certainty into their hectic lives. The fast food way of operation has extended itself into many other sectors of business. From clothing stores to bookstores, various franchises have begun to use the “McDonaldized” way of organizing their business and targeting the customers need for a reliable establishment in today’s society. We went to both McDonalds and Ross the clothing store to observe how this “McDonaldized” way of business occurs. The first place we went to examine was the McDonald’s off of McCarran. What we found was that the workers were very pleasant and were clearly seeking the customers’ satisfaction. They used terms such as “how may I help you?” and “have a nice day” to show that they were there to help you. Even though
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they were very nice, they also tried to make you spend more money. They used phrases like: “Would you like to try our new snack wrap today?” or “would you like to upgrade your meal to a large?” By doing this, the worker was putting the customer in charge, yet were also enticing them to spend more money. There was one incident where a customer
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soc assignment #3 - Bryan Suarez Joe Wallace Sociology 101...

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