Sociology #2 - Joe Wallace Bryan Suarez Sociology 101...

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Joe Wallace Bryan Suarez Sociology 101 Professor Maes Norm Busters Looking someone in the eye when you are in a conversation is a sign of respect and understanding. This also shows that you are interested in what they have to say and have full attention toward them. But what would happen if you purposely looked the other way in mid-conversation and devoted your attention to something else other than your conversation? How would they react? Would they keep talking and ignore the fact that you were just being disrespectful? Or would they just stop talking to you and ignore you the rest of the time that you are in their presence? My partner and I put this norm to the test. We experimented on five unsuspecting friends and documented their reactions as well as expressions. We decided to try splitting it up into males and females, along with whether we knew them well or just as an acquaintance. My partner and I received some various results. For the past few days we conducted our experiment on several different subjects on campus. What we found was interesting to the both of us. Our first subject was a female who we did not know very well, but merely as an acquaintance. While my partner was making a fool of himself in front of this girl, I was back examining her physical reaction. They were walking and had a conversation going, and all of a sudden, he just looked away and stopped paying attention to her. While she was in mid conversation, you could see her start to frown and I could almost read her mind at that very moment. She let
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Sociology #2 - Joe Wallace Bryan Suarez Sociology 101...

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