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SPCM2360 Notes 3

SPCM2360 Notes 3 - 8/22 Review Frankfurt Critique Culture...

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8/22 Review: Frankfurt - Critique: Culture Industry - Analysis: factory metaphor, political economy - Function: advertising (programming is an extension of advertising) - Purpose: cultural control and domination - Qualities: alienation, lack of authenticity, questionable messages o Separated from intelligence of creating popular culture o Ownership, consolidation, monopoly o Heading towards monopoly The Big Culture Industry Business 1. Newscorp 2. GE/NBC/MSNBC 3. AOL/Times Warner 4. Disney/ABC/Capital Cities 5. Viacom/CBS 6. Clear Channel (radio) 7. Google 8. Facebook Trends in Music Ownership - Newscorp buys MySpace 2005 - Google buys YT 2006 - GE/NBC owns Hulu - Google provides 40% of videos watched online Telecomm trends: Sprint buys Nextel 2006 T-Mobile Verizon AT&T buys Cingular 2005 - Consolidation trends in all sectors Cable Trends: GE/NBC buys Comcast 2010 Cablevision Cox Comm. Charter Comm. Why? Market forces monopoly (Frankfurt) Ratcheting political effort - Media consolidation
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- One way only De-regulation by FCC - 40s-70s: restrictions on ownership
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