SPCM2360 Notes 11 - 9/14/11 Review: Brand - Creating...

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9/14/11 Review: Brand - Creating identities/cultural spheres in which people can live - Creating popular culture – brand describes popular culture - Capturing mindshare o Section of public consciousness o Selection of the public mind - Cultural capital o Put dollar sign on mindshare o Worth of this selection o Brand controls a slice of culture = capital (put to work and extract money from it) Seizing and harvesting attention of consumers and creating consumers so that they are loyal to your brand - Colonizing space o Not creating new spheres o Finding existing spheres of culture and remaking them o Find where a brand has attached itself - Encountering resistance Douglas Rushkoff’s Feedback Loop - Capture sense in which young people are living (tweens and teens) - Research enters into dynamic of Control/Resistance o With every attempt to control culture, there is resistance - Authentic subculture - Cool hunters o Professionals/consultants o Designation came in being in late 1990s and persists to this day o To find authentic subculture o Looking at local places; example: local UGA radio station o Next unexploited thing that will be cool - Mass marketing: “selling out” o How to maintain authenticity and credibility and still reach people o Getting gobbled up by corporate America
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SPCM2360 Notes 11 - 9/14/11 Review: Brand - Creating...

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