Lecture 06 - Fatty Acid Metabolism

Lecture 06 - Fatty Acid Metabolism - Lecture 06 – Fatty...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 06 – Fatty Acid Metabolism Fatty acids in the US Diet- Our fat intake is about 1/3 saturated and poly unsaturated Metabolism and Energy Overview- there are four kinds of biological molecule o Carbohydrates o protein o lipids/fat o nucleic acid (make very mini contribution so it is no consider here mini contribution to energy)- Many biomolecules are degraded into Acetyl coA o Acetyl CoA provides biologic energy o EXCESS acetyl coA is stored as Fatty acids (FA’s) o FA’s are assembled into more complex lipids like TG’s Fatty Acid - A carboxylic acid with a long hydrocarbon chain. Usually they have an EVEN # of carbons (reactive and toxic) [i.e. palmitic acid] Fatty acid ester- A fatty acid in which the carboxylic acid group has reacted with the alcohol group of another molecule (often glycerol) to form a stable, less reactive ester bond Triglyceride- A glycerol (three carbon with three OH backbone) with three esterfied fatty acid side chains- AKA triacyglycerol TAG- Table, non polar, hydrophobic...
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