Lecture 12 - Vitamin Function in Metabolism Chart

Lecture 12 - Vitamin Function in Metabolism Chart - L...

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Lecture 12 - Vitamin function in metabolism - Vitamins are really defined as biomolecules that we need for our metabolism - That we either made or evolution (we no longer make or make enough) - Or we are totally dependent from outside source - Vit def we have reactions that would not occur if we lack the vitamin - Divided into two categories (water vs fat soluble) - Water o Many are part of the energy releasing o Hemopoetic (B12 and folic) o Usually Vit in supplements - Fat o Usually in supplements (but supplements also contain metals because they are considered essential) o DEAK Fat Soluble Vitamins: Vitamins Forms Functions Conversion Found Deficiency Toxicity Vit. A- Retinol Retinol (alcohol), retinal ( aldehyde ) & retinoic acid (acid) Retinyl esters (transport in blood) Beta Carotene Vision : Cis retinal acts as cofactor of protein opsin to form rhodoposin (a photoreceptor used in cell membrane of rods/cones in eye) [where 11-cis-retinal all-trans- retinal] *this is what activates the receptor Reproduction DO NOT taking during pregnancy or become pregnant up to 3 years after treatment (spontaneous abortions/ malformatons); cannot give blood for up to 3 years Retinal and retinol are readily interconverted; most dietary carotene β [major source; dimer of retinal; cleave metabolic to produce two retinal] Yellow, dark green veggies, carrots Rare in US; more common in the rest of the world Sx: blindness [night especially—do lack of retinal] , lesions on corneal surface, derm problems Tx: Supp. Better diet Acute (rare): n/v, vertigo, blurry vision Chronic (rare): problems talking, hair loss, hyperlipidemia, hepatotoxicity, bone/ muscle pain, vision issues, in postmenopausal women inc risk of fractures
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Lecture 12 - Vitamin Function in Metabolism Chart - L...

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