Lecture 13 - Cholesterol Regulation

Lecture 13 - Cholesterol Regulation - Lecture 13...

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Lecture 13 – Cholesterol Regulation and Homeostasis - AcetylCoA can go into TCA cycle to generate energy OR o Ketone bodies in starvation and in diabetes o Conversion of acetylCoA to cholesterol (as opposed to fats) - Cholesterol Structure and Numbering o Cholesterol is most easily thought about as having four rings (three of them six membered rings, 1 five membered ring, and then C8 unit) o It is all hydrophobic except for the one OH at the bottom Beta position (it is up relative to the ring) Alpha position (down relative to ring) It is a flat molecule with certain groups pointing up Cholesterol and it’s usage - Cholesterol is a precursor of many other molecules, including the bile acids and the bile salts - Bile acids are nature’s detergents, and helps solubilize fats for digestive process o Made in liver o Cholesterol is made in body and we use it, (generally we oxidize molecules to break them down and get rid of them) o Beta oxidation is oxidizing fatty acids (and in the
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