Lecture 26 _ The Menstrual Cycle

Lecture 26 _ The Menstrual Cycle - L ecture 26 The...

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Lecture 26 – The Menstrual Cycle The differing hormone levels during the cycle - A lot of variability - Everyday is different (hormone change) - Last panel = Estrogen and Progesterone - **very dynamic process The phases - Follicular phase – Day 1 (first day of the bleeding) to LH surge o Variable! o Responsible for the women variability - Ovulatory phase – LH surge - Luteal Phase (second part largest part of the cycle) – LH surge to menses o It is a very constant interval (13-14 days/2 weeks) - **all have distinct differences - Average cycle – average 28 days (22-35 days) o The cycle there is high variability at the begin (first menses) & then again at the end (menopausal) Hormone regulated: Gonadotropin- releasing Hormone (GnRH) - 10 peptide (very similar) - Release from hypothalamus Ant. Pit release FSH and LH - Produced in cell bodies within hypothalamic nucle i - Packaged into secretory granules - Transported to nerve terminal adjacent to portal vessels - Synthesized in the arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus (smaller extent in paraventricular nucleus and supraoptic nucleus) - Controlled by opioids, catecholamines and ??? o The third ventricle - Secreted into portal vessels to anterior pituitary GnRH is released in pulses o When there is electrical activity release of GnRH (pulse result) o Why do we measure LH pulses? Not GnRH pulses? GnRH has short , 2-4 minute half-life Diluted within peripheral circulation and undetectable LH pulses correlate highly with GnRH pulse LH is easily measured in peripheral circulation - GnRH pulses restore LH and FSH pulses (reactivates reproductive axis) o Patient with menstrual disorder (baseline LH levels was flat) o When given GnRH pulses the LH levels were restored o Reproduction turned ON
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Lecture 26 _ The Menstrual Cycle - L ecture 26 The...

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