Lecture 27 - Ovarian Physiology

Lecture 27 - Ovarian Physiology - Lecture 27 - Ovarian...

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Lecture 27 - Ovarian Physiology **Fertilization occurs at the end of the Fallopian tube takes three day to get to travel and implant 1 week later** Section of human ovary - Complex structure - Allow them to mature over the years Formation of the Ovary - Formation and migration of primordial germ o There are cluster of cells in caudal portion of the embryo that are germ cells and over time increase in numbers o After 5 weeks of development the primary germ cells migrate along the hind gut to the genital ridge and they split off in both directions to sequester in the genital o Kit Ligand is responsible for the germ cells migration (up through the Hindgut) o 6 th , the gonad is indifferent can develop into ovaries or testes Fetal gonads are bipotential until about the 6 th week XY will become testes no matter what (even if germ cells don’t become spermatogonia) XX germ cells are essential for development of ovary (the oogonia need to reach the ovary or rlese there will be a streak of tissue – ectopic oogonia) Germ Cell Count (human ovary) - Greatest number at mid-gestation (you have more eggs at the fetus than you do now) - There is marked declined in the number of oocytes before you were born o This process continues!! - Then at reproductive years you will continue to decline slowly til menopause o But this doesn’t add up to 400,000 - What cause this rapid decline in oocytes (sometimes resulting in no eggs by puberty)
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Lecture 27 - Ovarian Physiology - Lecture 27 - Ovarian...

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