Lecture 31 - Placenta

Lecture 31 - Placenta - Lecture 31 – Placenta Placenta...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 31 – Placenta Placenta – point is access maternal blood/gas and nutrient exchange Be able to identify location and flow of both maternal and fetal blood through the placenta Early placental development- Villous = placental disc- Extravillous cells that invade into the uterus (so we see the villous trophoblast when we look at the placent)- Blood locations o Fetal blood inside villi o Maternal blood is in the intervillous space- Trophoblast: main epithelial cell type in the placenta- What separates the maternal and fetal blood (3 layers) o Fetal endothelium (three layers of cells-fetal endothelium) extravillous trophoblast (EVT) o Two layers of trophoblasts Cytotrophoblast (CTB) • Stem cells • Proliferative trophoblast Synctiotrophoblast (STB) • Multinucleated • Immediately surrounded by maternal blood o Extravillous trophoblast – carrying fetal blood; invade uterine wall, go toward maternal spinal arterioles (carrying oxygen blood) replace maternal...
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