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Key enzymes for biochemical pathways For the specific learning objectives that specify describing the steps in a metabolic pathway, these are the key enzymes that should be known. HOWEVER , this list does not apply to all the other learning objectives for the biochemical pathways that ask you to describe regulation, how energy is captured or released, the principles involved in certain pathways, recognition of signs/symptoms of deficiencies, etc. Nor does this list apply to regulatory mechanisms or pathways or cofactors, e.g., nuclear receptors, SREBP, LXR/RXR for cholesterol homeostasis; PKA and insulin; regulation of feeding behavior and thermogenesis, vitamins, etc. Nor does it apply to extracellular pathways, e.g., digestion and uptake of sugars, fats and cholesterol, or lipoprotein pathways. Pathways usually associated with high cellular energy Pathways usually associated with low cellular energy Glycolysis •GLUT2 and GLUT4 •hexokinase and glucokinase •PFK-1 •Pyruvate kinase
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