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Disease Chart - Disease Mononucleosis (Mimicker of...

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Disease Sx. Cause Diagnosis Treatment Other Mononucleosis (Mimicker of lymphomas) Swollen lymph in cervical area (large, tender) Epstein Barr Virus ; Cytomegalovirus (CMV ); Toxoplasma gondii Monospot - test heterophile antibodies EBV serology : IgM (acute infection) Supportive; Try to avoid causing harm IgM Hodgkin’s Disease Painless swelling in neck; chest pressure/co ugh; pain with EtOH; more Mediastinal than NHL Viruses (EBV, HIV); weakened immune system; family history Presence of Reed-Sternberg cells (need supportive environment); lymph and BM biopsy; history; blood work; Chest x-ray, CT/PET of chest, ab, pelvis IA (Rad. vs short chemo) IIA (Rad. vs short chemo) IIIA Chemo IIIB Chemo IV Chemo (II/IV: +rad. to bulky areas) Highly curable; peak age: 20s and 50s Disease spreads in contiguous pattern in lymph NHL Non- contiguous lymph nodes swelling, weight loss, fever, night sweets, cough Infections (EBS, HIV, H.Pylori); increase age increase risk Node biopsy (morph, flow cytometry, cytogenetics); blood; CT/
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Disease Chart - Disease Mononucleosis (Mimicker of...

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