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Heme TBL Learning Objectives

Heme TBL Learning Objectives - Hematology TBL Learning...

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Hematology TBL Learning Objectives LO1: Describe the mechanism of action, indications, and adverse effects that were discussed in class of the drugs on the drug list. LO2: Describe the differentiation and development of hemopoietic stem cells and recognize which growth factors lead to each major class of cell types in the blood. LO3: Describe the use of growth factors for the mobilzation and harvesting of stem cells and their use to promote cell growth after transplantation. LO4: Describe the compensatory changes to cardiac output, erythropoietin, 2,3 DPG, and systemic vascular resistance in response to anemia. LO5: Predict the changes in lab tests for a patient with iron-deficiency anemia taking ferrous sulfate. LO6: Describe absorption and handling of iron in the body. LO7: Describe the major findings in a patient with iron deficiency. LO8: Describe the common adverse effects of ferrous sulfate. LO9: Describe how renal failure causes anemia.
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