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Lecture 03 - Anemia

Lecture 03 - Anemia - Evaluation of Anemia History(family...

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Evaluation of Anemia History (family history; old lab data) Physical Exam Almost useless according to lecture Standard ‘Screening’ Lab Tests Complete Blood Count (CBC) Reticulocyte count Has to be adjusted to see if patient is responding to his/her anemia Blood smear ** very important!! History/Clinical Circumstances Signs of Systemic Disease Can be any organ! General Manifestations Fever Weight loss Anorexia Systemic disease Chronic Disease / Inflammation Chronic infection Disseminated neoplasm Collagen/vascular diseases Renal disease Gastrointestinal bleeding Peptic ulcer Neoplasm Colonic polyp ** GI blood loss until proven otherwise Liver disease Renal failure (source of erythropoietin) Very important! Aging associated diseases Including just anemia associated with aging Increased frequency of GI lesions Neoplasms Diverticulosis Colonic polyps
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