Quiz 02 - Quiz 02 1 of 15 1 A 68 year-old woman presents...

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Quiz 02 1 of 15 1. A 68 year-old woman presents with 3 days of black tarry stools, heavy chest pressure, dizziness and evidence of cardiac ischemia on her EKG. Exam is notable for hypotension, tachycardia, mild epigastric tenderness and rectal exam demonstrates heme + black stool. WBC count is 11, hgb 7.9 and platelets 450. Two large bore IVs are placed and hydration with crystalloid is initiated while awaiting 2 typed and crossed units from the blood bank. Assuming there is no acute transfusion reaction or lack of ABO compatibility, the donor red blood cells given to this woman: a. survive for 120 days in the transfused patient b. can elicit an immune response against blood group antigens outside of the ABO system that can eliminate the transfused cells within a couple weeks after the transfusion c. typically are cleared from the circulation within 5 days after the transfusion d. generally have higher levels of 2,3 diphosphoglycerate than that of the red cells of the transfusion recipient e. can undergo hemolysis in a transfusion recipient who has a severe glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency when exposed to an oxidant drug (e.g. sulfamethoxazole). Question 2 of 15 2. A 2 day old caucasian newborn boy is noted to have yellow skin and sclera. His parents have no significant past medical history and the pregnancy was uncomplicated. His hemoglobin is found to be 9. Which of the following is most likely true: a. the newborn has anti-red cell antibodies that cross react with maternal red cell antigens b. His mother is Rh(D)-neg and this was her first pregnancy. c. The newborn made warm reactive anti-red cell antibodies
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Quiz 02 - Quiz 02 1 of 15 1 A 68 year-old woman presents...

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