TBL Drug List - Hematology-1

TBL Drug List - Hematology-1 - generic oprelvekin EPO...

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generic Brand MOA Indications Contraindications oprelvekin Neumega recombinant human IL-11, stimulates megakaryocytopoiesis, thereby increasing platelets thrombocytopenia )chemotherapy induced myeloid malignancy EPO (various - Procrit: Epoetin alfa) Mimics EPO -->stimulates RBC production Anemia - due to, chronic renal failure, or drug- induced (chemotherapy or HIV) uncontrolled HTN, Hgb > 12g/dl, myeloid malignancy filgrastim Neupogen recombinant human G- CSF. Stimulates neutrophil production, stimulates neutrophil acttion, and causes stem cell mobilization 1)neutropenia: drug-induced, chemotherapy, HIV, post-bone marrow transplant 2) Mobilization--> Harvest 1) Myeloid malignancies 2) Leukocytosis sargramostim Leukine recombination GM-CSF - 1) supports platelets, RBCs, granuloctyes, and monocytes, 2) Mobilization-->Harvest 3) Increase source of bone marrow transplants 1) Neutropenia 2) Stem-cell harvesting 3) Transplants 1) Myeloid Malignancies 2) Leukocytosis 3) Current Chemo/radiation therapy 4) Increased Platelets anagrelide Agrylin 1) inhibits megakaryoctye development --> decrease in platelets, 2) decreases platelet activity thrombocytosis thrombocytopenia
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Generic Brand MOA Indications Adverse Effects Notes aspirin antiplatelet (@ low
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TBL Drug List - Hematology-1 - generic oprelvekin EPO...

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