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Genus/Class Species Virulence Factors Clinical Syndromes Resistance/Tx Comments Staphylococci gram (+) cocci in clusters, nonmotile, nonspore forming; Catalase (+), facultative w/ e- transport chain, lipoteichoic acid, teichoic acid catalase - to survive oxygen metabolites gram (+) = thick peptidoglycan (PDG) layer S. aureus Coagulase (+), (+) fermentation on Mannitol- Salt Agar, thermostable nuclease, gold pigment, hemolysis after 24-36hr Binding Proteins: Protein A - binds IgG by Fc, ECM binding proteins - localization/adherence, Capsule - inhib phago (type 5&8), Clumping factor - adhere to fibrinogen, Coagulase - clot plasma to resist phagocytosis, Staphylokinase - ???, Hyluronidase hydrolyze HA, Lipase - spread, Toxins: α -hemolysin - kill RBCs/WBCs, β -hemolysin - kill monocytes, leukocidin - kill PMNs, Exfoliative Exotoxin - ET-A/ET-B cleaves stratum granulosum desmosomes, Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin (TSST-1) - toxic shock syn, Enterotoxin - food poisoning (R in GI to vomiting center) skin infec, deep infec (post-trauma) --> systemic infec (osteomyelitis, endocarditis, arthritis); Toxins - food poison, scalded skin, toxic shock β -lactamases - resist penicillins, Intrinsic resistence (Methicillin resistance) - plasmid - mediated, transpeptidase dec affinity for β -lactams TSST-1, enterotoxin (SE), exfoliative toxin are superantigens - nonspecific activation of T cells - > cytokine release S. epidermidis, S. saprophyticus Coagulase (-), (-) fermentation on Mannitol- Salt Agar, thermostable nuclease (-), glycerol in teichoic acid low virulence, nosocomial infections; (epidermidis) biofilm Epidermidis - binding to catheters, saprophyticus - UTI novobiocin resistant (saprophyticus) Note: Agr 2 component sys (for quorum sensing) - in stationary phase Agr upregulates toxins, downregulates surface proteins Streptococci gram (+) cocci in chains, no e- transport chain (no heme/cytochrome), Catalase (-), facultative, fermentation (glu --> lactose) α -hemolysis - hb converted to biliverdin (green), β - hemolysis - RBC lysis, γ -hemolysis - no hemolysis S. pneumoniae α -hemolysis, optochin sensitive, gram (+) lancet, autolytic *Capsule - prevents C3b binding, teichoic acid & PDG release in autolysis - inflammation, pneumolysin - cytotoxic to bronchial epi cells, Neuroamindase - unmask cell surface Rs, Hyaluronidase - spread, IgA1 protease - evade IgA pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis, bronchitis, meningitis, bacteremia NL penicillin sensitive, emerging resistance to β -lactams natural transformers + autolysis; vaccine: capsule + protein Viridans Strep α -hemolysis, optochin resistant, gram (+) lancet, autolytic S. mutans: biofilms S. gordonii - endocarditis NL flora
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S. pyrogenes (group A strep) β -hemolysis, bacitracin sensitive, obligate human pathogen Surface: *M protein - req'd for virulence, fimbriae, prevents phago, adheres to epi cells, binds fibrinogen-plasmin (many types=specific targets, Abs created to only 1 type), Lipoteichoic acid (LTA)
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Bacteria_list_DrReed5-11 - Genus/Class Species...

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