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Foundations TBL LOs and Drug List - following drugs...

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I. Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs Drug List Cetuximab Methotrexate 6-Thioguanine Cisplatin Tamoxifen 5-FU Topotecan Imatinib Etoposide LO1: Apply the diagram of the cancer cell and mechanism of action of the chemotherapeutic agents to a novel scenario. LO2: Given a drug’s chemical structure resembling either a purine or pyrimidine and its mechanism of action, predict how another drug could enhance its effects. LO3: Describe how certain chemotherapy drugs target rapidly proliferating cells (i.e. cancer cells, hair follicles, bone marrow, GI epithelial cells) II. Drugs affecting plasma glucose Drug List Diazoxide Exenatide Insulin Metformin Octreotide Sitagliptin Sulfonylureas LO4: Compare and contrast the effects on plasma glucose, insulin, and C-peptide by the
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Unformatted text preview: following drugs (metformin, exenatide, sulfonlyureas, insulin, diazoxide, octreotide, and sitagliptin) Cholesterol lowering Drugs Drug List Atorvastatin (Statin class) Cholestyramine (Bile acid sequestrant class) Ezetimibe Niacin LO5: Describe the mechanism of action of the four cholesterol-lowering drugs LO6: Given an investigational drug’s cellular effects, predict which cholesterol lowering drug it most closely resembles Muscle LO7: Compare and contrast the effects of cAMP and calcium on smooth muscle and cardiac cells incorporating GPCRs. LO8: Given a patient’s report of side effects related to smooth and cardiac muscle , predict what kind of GPCR it could blocking or stimulating....
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