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Insulin-Related Medications

Insulin-Related Medications - Medication Exenatide Insulin...

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Medication Brand Name Medication Class FDA Indication MOA Eff of plasma [Glu] Eff on Insulin Eff on C-Peptide Exenatide Byetta Incretin mimetics Tx of DM II in pts not responsive to metformin, sulfonylureas, thiazolidinedione, or combo therapy GLP-1 agonist; mimics action of incretins binding to GLP-1 receptor. Binding to GLP-1 receptor-->increase in glucose-dep synthesis of insulin, and increase in secretion of insulin from beta-cells in presence of elevated insulin Indirectly lowers plasma glucose by increasing GLP-1 mediate insulin secretion. Leads to a release in insulin only in the presence of elevated glucose concentrations Increase? Insulin N/A DM Type I, insulin-dependent pts Direct agonist of IR on target cells. Increase GLUT4 exocyotosis on skeletal muscle cells, increasing Glucose uptake. Inhibits hepatic glucose production (glygenolysis and gluconeogenesis) Decrease N/A None? (does not increase endogenous insulin secretion) Metformin Glucophage biguanide DM II, monotherapy or combo Tx
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