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TBL Pulmonary Block I. Drug List 1. Albuterol 2. Salmeterol 3. Fluticasone 4. Ipratropium 5. Tiotropium 6. Theophylline 7. Cromolyn 8. Omalizumab 9. Zileuton 10. Zafirlukast 11. Diphenhydramine 12. Fexofenadine 13. Phenylephrine II. Learning Objectives LO1: Recall the mechanism of action of all of the drugs in the Drug List above. LO2: Recall the predictable and non-predictable adverse effects discussed in class of all of the drugs on Drug List above. LO3: Compare and contrast the class of medications used to treat asthma, COPD, and rhinitis. LO4: Recall which drugs from the Drug List above are inhaled, taken orally, or administered subcutaneously. LO5: Given a medication’s name, predict (using its mechanism of action) which symptoms of rhinitis it will be most effective at reducing. LO6: Given a patient’s report of a side effect from a medication, predict the medication’s
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Unformatted text preview: mechanism of action. LO7: Recommend the best choice of a drug considering a patient’s medical history. LO8: Given a patient who requires a specific type of monitoring before and after initiation of a medication, predict the most likely identity of the medication. LO9: Explain the reason why LABAs are contraindicated as monotherapy in asthma. LO10: Using the feedback diagram for the control of arterial PCO2, PO2, and pH , predict the changes in arterial blood gases, pH, and oxygen saturation given a drug that affects an element in the feedback loop. LO10: Describe the pathophysiology of rhinorrhea, nasal pruritis, and nasal congestion. LO11: Recall the receptors and responses of autonomic nervous system....
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