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TBL - Review - well Iron Globin Folic Acid Drugs-Short-term...

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Reticulocytes index – low (Reticulocytopenia) Reticulocytes index – high (Reticulocytosis) Hypoproliferative Ineffective Hematopoeisis Compensation RBC not made RBC are immature , attempts are made too big to get out well (sometimes get destroyed in the bone marrow – medullary homecytosis) Bonemarrow responds appropriately to the hypoxemia Microcytic Normocytic Macrocytic (megaloblastic) Any MCV Disorders of RBC Production Disorder mature Hgb Nucleus- cytoplasm dissocaiton b/c Dec DNA synthesis **expect that there can be affects on other cells because of the DNA (pancytopenia, hypersegmented neutrophils) Acute Blood loss (you’re hypoxic and you detect that EPO INC RBC prod.) Hemolysis - Indirect (unconjugated) bilirubin - Hyperbilirubinemia - INC free hgb in blood (toxic) kidney damage - INC hemosiderinuria in urine - DEC haptoglobulin - CKD (chronic kidney disease) DEC EPO can’t
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Unformatted text preview: well Iron Globin Folic Acid Drugs-Short-term stores (wks to months)-INC homocyst. B12 Def-Long term stores (years)-INC Homocyst .-INC MMA-Neurologi cal dysfunctio n MDS Vascular Problem M e m b r a n e Inside-Fe Deficiency-Chronic blood loss (menses) -GI bleed-Dietary -TIBC & transferrin g INC-Ferritin (iron Thalassemias--Micro- vascular DIC (firbin) Marco- vascular Heart-valves Congenital I m m u n e ( d r u g (enzymopathy) G6PD *you’re good until given ox. Drug *primaquine antimalarial (Africa trip) Hemogloblinopathy e.g. SS disease treat with Hydroxurea (Increase fetal Hgb) storage) DEC s )-Fe sequestration (Fe is not being release in the bone marrow trapped intestine and macrophages) Anemia of Chronic Inflammation (traps Fe due to cytokines)-TIBC & transferrin g DEC-Ferritin (iron storage) INC--...
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